Friday, 7 February 2014

Yesterday a friend at work showed me a fantastic site that allows people to receive postcards from anywhere in the world. I thought this was a really lovely idea. My children I am sure would love to help me get involved and I intend to buy some interesting postcards tomorrow and see how we go.
There are even collectors who ask for specific postcards. Even stamp collectors. I remember as a youngster always loving the Polska stamps, though at the time I did wonder if it may be a little bit of scam!

Why not give it a try?
I think I would love as many postcards as possible from Japan.

We bought these fabulous little postcard books years ago. I haven't taken them out of the display cabinet for years but they're really wonderful. It was good fun looking over them again.
Here's a little peek for you!

Do you have a favourite postcard?


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