Thursday, 6 February 2014

I made my first outfit from the book Simple Modern Sewing!

Another great Japanese sewing book filled with covetable and eclectic clothes. It only took me two hours to make and was very easy. Thought it might be best to start with something simple rather than find myself in a depressing fug of not being able to work out the instructions or trying to see intricate details on the pattern while tracing.

I chose the navy spot fabric that I mentioned in an earlier post and in one way I regret it. My eyes! Jiggly juggly dots in front of my eyes constantly and by the time late evening had set in I could barely see at all! Having said that, it look rather nice as you can see below - except for the ironing of course.

A couple of alterations - need to make it a little narrower (my Euro body needs some encouragement not to look like a pudding) and shorten the sleeves slightly and I'm done.

But, hey, check out this awesome dressmakers dummy! It actually belongs to my older sister but somehow (not sure how) I have it. This treasure does bring back a bit of a scary memory from childhood though. The dummy was set up in her bedroom and every time I walked past and the door was open, I would chant to myself with eyes averted "don't look at the dummy, don't look at the dummy, don't look at the dummy", with the full knowledge that if I did, it would move.
I still feel a little like that! Blimey, what if I find it standing at the end of my bed tonight???

Two things to decide today - what will I make next and what will I read next? (all about me isn't it?) The second question may be a little easier. I think I'll have a little rest from Eyrie by Tim Winton and seeing as I have this many books to read (!) ...

... I'm sure I should be able to find one. Is it ok do you think to revisit Pippi Longstocking? This is the volume I have - how beautiful is that?

I may be a little over the age of 6 but I've always liked Lauren Child's illustrations (how could you not love Charlie and Lola?)
By the way, how about those blue fingernails? My 8 year old daughter Charlotte said "Mum, they look ridiculous". I call it growing old disgracefully.

And quickly before I go, look at my library. Shameful. This is a weekend job...

So what are you reading at the moment? Please share - I'd love to know!



  1. Love the fabric - definitely worth the crazy eyes :)
    I've just finished Burial Rites and it was epic. Easily the best book I've read for the last year! How are you finding Eyrie?

  2. Eyrie is a little bit of a slog but I hear I'm not alone. I think it's because I've had a run of enormous books but Burial Rites was the exception. What a book - brilliant! It stayed with me for days, especially the final paragraph of her confusion about her death. Really moved me. I'm glad I'm not alone!

  3. I think it is totally ok to revisit Pipi Longstocking! I read the entire Chronicles of Narnia set every couple of years! They are the only books I've read more than once, and I read them soooo many times. But I still love them. At the moment, I'm about to start reading 'Vantastic' (hoping it will put me off the idea of packing 4 kids in to a caravan) and the NSW DPI Guide to Getting Started in Free Range Poultry (for that bit of paradise which we find when we are on our road trip!!)

  4. I know them both! (bought them for the new library at Docklands). That sounds like a fabulous idea - a road trip. Its most people idyll I think nowadays. Well done and good luck for having something to aim for!

  5. Louise, well done on the blog, I can see I will be a frequent visitor...
    I had my first foray into Japanese patterns with dresses for my nieces for Christmas. My books are all in Japanese, but illustrated instructions and with my tendency to take short cuts it worked fine!
    We have also been reading Astrid Lindgren this year - the boys loved Karlsson-on-the-roof, love innocent naughtiness is kids books! It also inspried some craft...will forward a photo sometime.
    Looking forward to more installments x

    1. Would love to see what you made!
      You're much better at making things than me I suspect. I so need a pattern and instructions that I can understand, and with these books I sometimes find it difficult understanding what they mean in English! (how you tuck in a frill to the seam before frilling it I don't know!)

  6. Hi Louise, I have just finished reading The Goldfinch and thought it was brilliant. I love the Lauren Childs edition of Pippi Longstocking, we have it somewhere in our shelves too. Reading the comments, I might have to check out Burial Rites next though sounds intriguing. Your blog is looking great, I'm doing Pips course too and thought I'd say hello! x

    1. Well hello there too! I think we're a rare breed re The Goldfinch. I finished that too, and though I thought it could have done with a litlle editing halfway through I still enjoyed it. I ended up starting on Peter Temple's An Iron Rose. So easy and flowing - I'm enjoying it so far. Next, The Luminaries. I'm nervous, so huge.
      I'm loving doing Pip's course - its really given me direction and is so addictive!
      What's the name of your blog Jules? Would love to have a look.

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