Monday, 24 February 2014

Bedroom finished!

Rejoice! I have finally finished my son's bedroom!
My initial intention was to get it done in two weeks (I can sometimes be an ambitious person) but its been six instead. I blame the heat... I always blame the heat. Too hot to sit in front of the sewing machine and too hot to get everything in place.
Here it all is in place.

No room makeover is complete with a teeny tiny Ikea trip but I managed to control myself and only bought a quilt cover, lamp, night light, rug and bookshelf. Practically nothing!
My own work consisted of bunting, pillows, pyjama case and a restoration of his wardrobe. So not inconsiderable either.

As you can see above, the bunting looks really nice. I found some lovely spaceman fabric from Spotlight and then dug through my stores for the other two contrasting pieces. The decals I bought from Spotlight too. They were quite fun to put on. I even tried to make a little story which, of course, always ended up with the Tyrannosaurus trying to eat something.

I've shown you the pyjama bag before but here are the pillows. Yes, a theme of dinosaurs and spacemen. Wish my room was like this.
Overall I think it turned out really nice! As a little extra something I also dug out two toys I had made for G years ago - a Bantha (from Star Wars) and a little gnome (from when he was a baby).

All I am hearing now is, of course, my daughter C nagging me to do her room. I feel a little depleted!

On a bookish note, I brought home a lovely one from work today. I've been following the comings and goings of Sophie Dahl for many years. Not with any great level of dedication but I admired her from her modelling days when she was so popular. And so voluptuous! 
OK, it's also because her grandfather was Roald Dahl.
She's a cook too! This is one of her books...

Beautiful photography as you can see. Really inspirational. She's not a large person anymore but her recipes are still really interesting and very comforting. A little waffly on personal stories but the recipes look delicious. Will definitely try them out.

What have you been cooking lately?


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