Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sewing with stetch

My first try at sewing stretch fabric with a regular sewing machine. And I'm really pleased with the outcome!

A little trip to Spotlight and I found the fabric and the pattern. I thought as a first try I would keep it simple. Very glad I did.

I made the t-shirt on the right. It even looks nice on the pattern and that's saying something. They normally look fairly ordinary. 

I will make two changes next time. Cut it out small not medium as it was pretty huge, and maybe next time don't use such a stretchy fabric. Something with a bit more hold would improve it.

The only problem that I am experiencing with it is that the neck edge is flipping inside out a bit. How do I alter that? Suggestions most welcome!


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Taking a break then back into it

I've had a break.
It's winter, I'm cold at night. I sit in front of the heater. I sleep.
Those are my evenings. My evenings when I should be making, chatting, knitting, all the good stuff. Instead I stumble around watching DVDs of League of Gentlemen and Breaking Bad. And finding it difficult to get through an episode without quietly snoozing.
The last time I blogged I was sewing my daughters quilt. It's finished and has been on her bed for a month. She loves it, thankfully. And I can't look at it. Can't even sneak a look I'm so disappointed with it. I mucked it by rushing.
Here is a delicately folded version of it (so you can't see too much).

The big mistake I made was to machine quilt rather than hand. Tut tut you may say but I was daunted by the hand sewing with that swift up and down needle motion. So I slacked off and machine sewed instead. And messed it up.
I suppose I should let it go and learn a lesson from this. Spend a little more time dear.

On the upside, I'm now right back into clothes sewing again! Yay! For me of course, not for the children. Ha!
I've just finished a skirt and am quite pleased with it.
This is the fabric and pattern I bought...

One metre... I don't think so.
But it did turn out nicely. I'm really pleased with the little pockets and flaps.

Yep, didn't iron it (you know I'm not keen on ironing) but I'm really loving the crazy fabric all over the place. Some may not like it but I do. 
This was my inspiration so I'm not far off (courtesy of Sezane)

Will have to get a peep toe shoe too. Hmm.

Now I'm sewing my first knit top ever. I'm terrified but excited and surprised at how quick they are to make. Will keep you up to date as I go.

Recently I also had a nice long weekend away with the family. How about this for a view? 

And my two enjoying (though in a strange restrained way - most unlike them) the view too.

Au revoir for now!