Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sewing project number 2.
This time I started sewing from the brilliant Japanese sewing book Sweet Dress Book.

I loved this top on the cover so decided to make it in this beautiful fabric I found in Spotlight (gosh, I really love Spotlight, could spend all day there).

This was so easy to make and should have been a complete and utter delight. Except smarty pants me decided to make some changes. I thought the tie back (in a hospital gown type way) would be a little awkward as I just wanted to wear this on its own and just with a bra. Didn't think everyone wanted to see the back of my bra and I'm not a hang loose kinda gal. So I thought I'd just make it a solid piece. Excellent. Then, because the pattern said it was loose fitting I thought I would make it smaller - I've referred to my Euro body type before I think. Therefore, instead of my usual medium, I made a small. Lovely.

Nearly finished the whole thing, just had to piping neckline to go, and thought I would try it on. Uh... no. Could barely get it over my head and when I managed to pull it on it was so unattractively tight (my goodness, I can't tell you how unattractive) that there was no way I could save it.
Moi had a brilliant idea! Rather than throw it out I dragged my daughter Charlotte out from her Minecraft reverie, popped it over her head, pinned it to fit, and voila, she now has a lovely tunic top!
She seems less than impressed, as when I bought the fabric from Spotlight she said at the top of her voice "that is disgusting, I HATE it". That'll server her right. Now its hers!

Got home from work, childcare and school pickups and right there in the postbox my favourite little delivery. How much do I love this magazine? Muchly much!

What's your favourite magazine? Let's not venture into the "R" rated territory please!


  1. I love those Japanese dress making books! I haven't seen this one, so I am off to see if it is in our library now. The fabric you have is lovely. I am so jealous of your up to date Frankie, it is my fav mag, but as I live in the States, I am only on number 57. Apart from Frankie, I love Flow, Mollie Makes and the Gentlewoman along with the fashion mags like Elle and Vogue. Clare x

    1. Hi Clare, I haven't even heard of some of those magazines. I need to do some investigating I think. I also love Elle and Vogue, though I imagine the Australian editions of these are a little thinner than yours!
      I would definitely recommend this sewing book - I'm trying to make another thing from this at the moment.

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  3. I'm going to google to see if I can get Frankie magazine here in ireland but I don't think so, I love The World Of Interiors, Wallpaper and Elle Decoration they are all from the UK. Shelley from blog with Pip group.

    1. Hi Shelley - I've always loved World of Interiors. One of my all-time favourites!