Tuesday, 11 February 2014

"Forgive me Father, it's been two days since my last blog" because it's too damn hot to write and think about things (anything?). For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere suffering through floods and snow, we in South Australia are suffering through our hottest summer, ever. Every day seems to be somewhere in the 40's (109 F) and it's really difficult to get motivated to do anything other than sit directly in front of our one little window air conditioner and loll. (Loll... somehow that just doesn't look right)
It's not stopped me from doing a little making, something that I can't share until after Valentine's day as I've made something for my husband. But I've tried to spend my time wisely by watching some excellent television.

This is a really great short series. Now, I wasn't  huge Doctor Who fan (please forgive me), but I really liked David Tennant in the role and what he made of it. But good on him for moving on to something more. And this is definitely more. I've only watched one episode but it is gripping. Excellent acting, brilliant supporting cast and I love the way he looks totally convincing in his 1930's garb, as it often can be difficult to recreate the period, costume-wise, hair and make-up-wise. Certainly has given me some sewing inspiration.

See, he looks good doesn't he?

And when I don my glasses at night to read in the comfort of bed this is what I'm picking up.

I'm not a crime novel person, but watching The Broken Shore on ABC TV the other night it made me realise that I had one Peter Temple novel I haven't read yet. And it's great! Easy and flowing, the pages just skim by. I get the sense that it's directed more at men, but maybe the same could have been said for the The Broken Shore on television. Both of which I am/did find utterly enjoyable.

See, it's not all wasted time (says I lolling on the floor again).

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