Friday, 28 February 2014

The week that was

This week I had one of those weeks. I was hoping it would be full of exciting new things and unfortunately they didn't happen. Instead it was like my full-scale productiveness suddenly came to a sad end. I haven't sewn all week though so much beckons. I have barely blogged - OK, just once - and I feel very very tired. To fill the void my evenings have instead been chockablock watching Game of Thrones Season 3, which I just had delivered. I'm loving it all over again. Brienne is definitely the best. Very cool, generally calm and with such a strong sense of honour.

I've got two more discs to go, and I can't wait.

I've tossed aside Almost English, I knew I would, and picked up this lovely book. So so lovely.

I went to this shop many years ago and loved it. Ever since then I've always bought bits and pieces that are available in Australia, though that's not much. But how inspirational!

It comes with little pocket sections with paper designs.

How I would love that stack of fabric! Or even the scarf. Or the shoes. Or the bag. Or the chair. Or the dress.

And because life at work has been a chore lately, I've been listening to lots of Podcasts. I was recommended My Brother, My Brother and Me by a friend, and I laughed so much I spat out my tea at work. No-one noticed.

I also love the very loud and quite funny rant from One Bad Mother. I would recommend turning down the volume a little, but they bring a nice groundedness (sic?) to life as a mother.

Hopefully by next week I won't be so grumpy and such a bore. The fog will have lifted and I'll be sewing like crazy again! Now, shush, I'm going back to GoT (though I do need a little chocolate and tea....)


  1. We have the third season of Game of Thrones to watch too but it was my partner's idea to start at the beginning and watch them all through again! I hope we get to season three before season four is out! Have you read the books? Good luck with your sewing frenzy when it happens :)

    1. Your partner has the right idea - wish I had thought of that!