Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentine's Day, reading and MONSTER TRUCKS!

As I said last week, I had been working on a little something for Valentine's day for my husband. Let me make this clear, we don't go berserk or overboard on that special day. My husband once said that the sight of couple's sitting in restaurants on that day depressed him. He calls them knuckle nibblers.
So ever since then we've kept it simple. This time I kept it craftily simple.
Years ago I bought this pattern for men's sleep shorts online from Made By Miffy (and I think it's no longer available). I bought the fabric too - a gorgeous spread of Tiki memorabilia. I cut out the pieces and then... LEFT IT FOR 3 YEARS.
Now I've finally finished it! Here it is! What do you think? I think they're rather snazzy and my husband loves them and wore them that very night. And they were mostly very easy. I can't say I want to sew on an elastic waistband ever again, but the rest was no problemo.
Here's a lovely photo - no, that is not my husband.

So after all that time... a long long time, they're finished. Add to that a cute little cupcake from Michel's Bakery and presents were complete.

Lucky me received a rather delish box of Haigh's Truffles. They lasted two days. While the kids backs were turned I sneaked them from the fridge. It's always hot here so I have to keep them there, chocolate afficionados, so please don't be angry. 

If you don't live in Australia, Haigh's chocolates have a cult following and are made here, in little old Adelaide. So delicious. You should look at their site. Then you'll understand.

Greedy, greedy me. 

On another note, I've been reading again. I finished An Iron Rose (got a little bored 3/4 of the way through - does he have to have sex, real or imagined, with every woman in the book?) and have now started on Almost English by Charlotte Mendelson. Hmm. I'll see how I go. I'm not enraptured at the moment and I'm 50 pages in. Life's too short, in my opinion, to persist too long with a book that's not grabbed me within, say, 80 pages. 30 more to go until the dice is thrown.

And on an even lighter note, the four of us went to see the Monster Trucks at Wayville Showgrounds in Adelaide! I had quite low expectations but it was brilliant fun! I may even have punched the air a couple of times. Ok, I actually did. As well as doing lots of "Whoo-hoo!"'s.

I'm a convert.


  1. Nice shorts and well done on finishing it after 3 years. I have a few of those projects too.
    We love Haighs. One of their shops in Melbourne was round the corner from my husband's work. A must do when we popped in for lunch with the kids - YUM. Haven't found them here in WA yet but we're happily eating our way through The Margaret River Chocolate Company.

    1. Will have to give them a go - I like the sound of them!

  2. I have never had Haigh's chocolates before. I should really get onto that!!!

    1. You won't regret it. Hmmm, or maybe you will. I feel my waistbands are a little tighter this week!