Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Wow - couldn't even get through the day without blogging again!
My four days a week job is Library Acquisitions Officer, which to break it down, means I buy library books for public libraries. Sounds enviable I know! And I have the reputation within the company for being their best in-house customer. I can't help it! - buying adult non-fiction, graphic novels and adult fiction is a temptation that's often too difficult to resist.
Here's what I had delivered today. I just love these kind of books. I now have the whole set!

These are so beautiful. They come with patterns, which means I can't buy them for the public libraries but I can certainly buy them for myself. I've unearthed a lovely navy spot cotton which I'm sure I can put to good use.
Not to mention that they will all look very nice lined up on one of my bookshelves. 
Yes, I'm a collector.


  1. What a wonderful job you have! I would probably spend more than I made! I'm in your Blog with Pip class and I'm trying to visit all the wonderful blogs. Good luck and have fun!

  2. Hi Jeanette - you're absolutely right, I do spend probably more than I make. The temptation is too much!