Monday, 21 April 2014

Taking it easy Easter

A long weekend with the family is an ideal time. We get to reconnect, catch up on news and eat. So much chocolate it's not funny. I'm one of those people who can't resist sweet temptation so I've gorged. In a bad way. Exercising today takes a little of the bloat off, but still...

All weekend I had been trying to get to my quilting but only made time today on Easter Monday! I've got to the good bit which involves layering and pinning. See it here.

Looking nice I think and I'm really loving my new bendy safety pins.

It was really nice working on this today because it gave me an opportunity to hang out with my daughter and watch The Empire Strikes Back together. What a great movie that is! I love it when Luke finds out who his father is, when Han gets frozen in carbonite and Leia kisses Luke, unknowingly her brother. C was perplexed and then came out with an interesting comment. Why doesn't C3PO stay with Darth Vader who in reality actually made him? Good point. Never thought of that before.

So tonight I will start hand quilting with my new quilting ring and new quilting needles. Maybe a little GoT and Mad Men too!


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