Friday, 11 April 2014

Studio Anna

Anyone who knows me knows I collect things. Quite a few things. And over the years they've changed. Some have come and go, others have persisted.
One of my favourite collections is Studio Anna. Many years ago while travelling country South Australia with my husband, I found my first item and from there it just grew. I really love this line of Studio Anna even though there are equally kitsch/great Aboriginal pieces and other decorative ranges.
But this is the one for me. I'm sure you can see why.

I'm certain that you Australian's have been to at least one of these places, I know I have, and that makes them even more appealing. They come in all shapes and sizes - even a rather unfashionable ashtray version.

I love the naive quality to them, the high shine and even the sometimes very average attempt at making art (yes, I mean you Maroondah Lake, Healesville - above)

But my favourite, my all time favourite is this one.

Because all they could think of to paint at Arno Bay are the silos. And they're beautiful.


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