Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sewing frenzy!

Yes, I'm in a sewing frenzy! I can't seem to stop. And anyone who knows me knows that the end is in sight so I need to take advantage of it.
As posted previously I've just started sewing with knit fabrics and I'm really enjoying it. It's a little frustrating - those damn necklines are driving me mad - but overall it seems easier than sewing with wovens.
After I had made the floral t-shirt I used the same pattern for a striped t-shirt.

The fabric was a lot less stretchy and really nice to work with but same thing again - the neck stretched out. After reading lots of blogs I'm going to remove the neckline, steam the fabric to its original shape and sew it in again but use some stabilising binding to hopefully stop it happening again.

Then I let my daughter choose something for herself. Once I'd managed to convince her to not get the multi-skirted flouncy dress pattern, she chose something simpler.

Once again, the little magpie in her wanted leopard print fabric (on an 8 year old, I ask you), but we finally managed to come up with a bright purple. And what a simple pattern it was! It is now her favourite dress. I'm a little bit proud.

Even though its freezing here in Adelaide at the moment it didn't stop us from going orienteering at Kuitpo Forest with the kids.

My daughter is especially keen - she's someone who likes to tick the boxes - whereas my son, not so keen. We all had turns at piggy-backing but eventually he found his feet, so to speak.


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