Monday, 10 March 2014

Room Number 2

As promised I have finally finished my daughters bedroom. She is so thrilled with it, thank goodness. All that hard work (and slightly half-hearted sewing) has paid off.
Here is the finished product so to speak.

The bunting looks really sweet as does the quilt cover that I bought from Target. The cherry blossom decal from Ikea really pulls it all together I think. And we're very lucky to have very bright rooms downstairs plus a lovely collection of books that I can't stop buying. 
These are the pillows I made for her, apart from the block colour one. You can see the pesky fur one at the back. How I hated sewing you, Mr Furry!

Teddy is still there. Lurking.

Here is the bird theme again mirrored in the chime. It chirps every time you make a loud noise. You can also turn it off. Yes.

So happiness all round. Even C's dad was impressed and that's a compliment indeed!
Glad both rooms are finished.

Just in case bordeom set in I've started weaving! I was given this loom by mum when I was about eleven. I don't think I ever used it... until now. The threading was a little demanding but once that was done it was really quite fun! Etsy has a really good tutorial - here it is - and they were really simple instructions to follow. That tribal look appeals to me at the moment and I'm sure a couple of little samplers matched with my German vases will look just right.

It's a little bit hairy too. Nice.
The instruction booklet that comes with it is fantastic too. Belts, table mats (of course) and little baby bonnets are all covered and very easy to understand. I'm a little bit tempted by the belt.

A couple of other cute photos. The ducks were hungry at the park. I don't blame them. The water was a very strange copper colour. They did enjoy the bread though. I think they even scored hot cross buns. With fruit.

We went to my mother-in-laws for dinner which was a real pleasure. Beautiful food, great company and the view is stunning. 

The children played rolling down the hill.

What a busy long weekend. Bless the Adelaide Cup (of which I have no interest)!